Dear You: The First Letter

Dear You,

I believe that the key to success and true happiness is highly linked to knowing your worth. We are all worth something as individuals. What I have slowly learnt, is that our worth is incomparable to that of another. As cliche as it sounds, you are special simply because you are you. You are special because of the way you think. Because of the way you speak. Because of your humour. Because of your inner kindness. Because of the many talents you knowingly or unknowingly possess. It’s easy for us to fail to recognise our true selves when we spend every second of everyday comparing ourselves to others. Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing ourselves for the beautiful and unique beings that we are, we zoom into individual parts of our reflection. Our stomachs and waists which we pull and tug at comparing it to that of the various Instagram models we obsesses over, in the name of body goals. We zoom into our lips, wondering if maybe, just maybe, a filler would give us the perfect pout. We zoom into our skin judging it to whatever society deems to be beautiful at that particular time. Am I light enough? Am I dark enough? Is my skin clear enough? Am I pretty enough? The questions are never ending.

This spreads beyond our physical appearances into our everyday lives and how we perceive ourselves. It spreads to our lecture rooms where we sit wondering if we are smart enough to suggest an answer. It spreads to when we read a job criteria and we ask ourselves if we are good enough to apply. It spreads to our relationships, where we force ourselves to settle for mistreatment because we don’t even see ourselves as deserving.

Enough. Enough. Enough.

But what is enough? Who are we trying to be enough for? Why aren’t we enough as we are?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve how we look or get better at a skill. However, true self love and understanding of our worth comes from realising that we are enough. We have and always will be enough. Judging our self-worth in comparison to the next person is a losing battle. One, that will only serve to keep us stuck in a rut of self-doubt and hatred. Society’s idea of what a woman should be will always change. The real question is; do you really want to spend the rest of your life chasing a so called ideal that isn’t even permanent. I think its fair to say that deep down, despite constantly telling ourselves that our happiness will only come if we drop some pounds or if this guy likes us, we know the true answer is no.

I hope that is the case. Because you are worth so much and more.

So what is Dear You?

I want Dear You to create a community of self-love, self-appreciation and self-development for all young girls and women. I want this to be a sisterhood where each of us can express ourselves and grow into the women we are destined to be. On this blog, I am going to be sharing my experiences on my personal journey to self-love and development in terms of confidence, relationships and my life as a student and an aspiring lawyer. As well as this, I will be posting tips, threads and motivational resources that I have found helpful and inspiring to help motivate or kick start your personal journey.

 It’s not always going to be easy. But you are more than worth it.

So welcome to Dear You